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We specialize in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) performance measurement and benchmarking.



ICT performance is critical to success of your organization. Reliance on ICT has increased significantly. The complexity of ICT is growing rapidly and has reached the level where conventional methods used to understand ICT operations, performance and 'value for money' fail.

By outsourcing ICT performance assessment to Technology Indicators you bring external expertise based on insights into ICT use in a diverse range of organizations. This service will help you 

  baseline ICT capabilities and monitor ICT status independently,

  advance organizational transparency and accountability effectively and time/ cost efficiently,

  manage internal ICT and vendor performance more objectively,

  advance strategic ICT planning through evidence-based decision making,

  develop sound ICT investment strategies supported by comparative analysis,

  manage risks of ICT changes through business value-centric and systematic ICT monitoring.


 How we do it

Our assessment frameworks 

  peer reviewed by representatives from organizations who subscribe to our services,
  maintain independence from ICT vendors and media,
  rooted in research of ICT trends, practices and innovations,
  focused on needs of senior executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO) who require simple yet insightful evaluations of   investments they make in ICT,
  tailored to organizations with different ICT maturity levels.



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